Introducing the latest GDPR Compliant SDK

Introducing the latest GDPR Compliant SDK

The GDPR deadline is approaching fast and app developers need to make sure that they are compliant with the new regulations before the 25th May 2018. We’re happy to announce that appmediation and all our demand partners are ready for GDPR.

We understand that user data is important to our developers’ values and operations. That is why we are taking measures to support our partners’ compliance with GDPR. To avoid any future hassle related to the new regulations, follow this article to find out how to collect end-users’ consent and make sure that your app is GDPR compliant.

User Consent

As we mentioned in our updated privacy policy, app developers need to obtain end-users’ consent from EU & EEA users before using our advertising services and it is publishers’ responsibility to collect user consent on personal data collection.

New GDPR Compliant SDK 

To help our publishers to meet the GDPR requirements, we have released our GDPR Compliant Android SDK Version 1.7.0 and iOS SDK Version 1.8.0 that has the ability to collect user consent. In order to make user consent collection easier for our publishers, our latest SDK supports two options:

  • Consent Window
  • Consent Function
Consent Window

We have developed a Consent Window option to make it easier for our publishers to collect end-user consent for appmediation and our demand partners’ advertising services. Each time when you’re required to collect end-user data consent call Consent Window, more information about this function can be found here.

iOS & Android Consent Notice Windows


According to user’s selection on Consent Window, we will show either personalized or non-personalized ads. If the user selects NO then our partners will show non-personalized ads and if they choose to CONFIRM then personalized ads will be shown which can boost up your app revenue.

Consent Function

If you’ve already built a functionality to collect user consent then please just update to the latest Android SDK 1.7.0 and iOS SDK 1.8.0.

In the latest SDK version, we have a functionality to set user consent preferences and it’s highly recommended to set this method before initializing Appmediation SDK otherwise the SDK will initialize with the default “NO” which can lead to non-personalised ads.

Please note that both Consent Function and Consent Window can be used together if needed.


Future Scenarios

  • Can user withdraw their consent?

When EU & EEA user don’t provide consent, we will still show an ad but it will be non-personalized.

  • Can user withdraw their consent?

Yes, the user can change consent at any time and appmediation will pass their updated consent to all demand partners.

  • If app developer/publisher is not collecting user consent and using latest appmediation GDPR compliant SDK?

Then always pass user consent as false for EU & EEA users before the appmediation’s latest SDK initialization.

  • If app developer/publisher is not collecting user consent and using appmediation’s non-GDPR compliant SDKs?

It’s absolutely mandatory to collect user consent for EU & EEA users. If you are using appmediation’s non-GDPR compliant SDK and user consent is not present, then don’t intialize appmediation’s SDK as it’s against data protection regulations.



If you have any further questions about our latest SDK then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve also put together a helpful FAQ section to help you navigate GDPR and explain what it means. However, if you have any additional privacy-related questions, feel free to contact [email protected]

Ad filtering for perfect suitability with your app’s users

Ad filtering for perfect suitability with your app’s users

We take the quality of our mediation platform and the service that we offer very seriously. This helps us show only the best and highest performing ads to your audiences. On the other side of this is, of course, keeping our publishers from being exposed to campaigns that are not relevant. For a personal ad filtering service, drop an email to our support team.

How ad filtering works

Most networks that we partner with have the option to filter ads as you see fit. This is where we come in as a mediation partner. We help you filter the ads that will be shown to the users of your apps. This way they will be matched with ads that suit them the best and they’re more likely to interact with. This also means, however, that you will also have control over what you don’t want them to see. For example, if you’re a game developer, you might want to filter out ads that promote your competition in this field. Essentially, this is a very good way to ensure that your app’s users see ads that are relevant for them, but align with your goals as well.

Levels of filtering

There’s a variety of options available based on which filtering can be done. Ads can be categorized and excluded based on:

  • Domain
  • Landing pages
  • App/play store URL
  • Category
  • Keyword

We take some additional details into account as well to make sure the user experience flow is as seamless as possible. For example, if the user views the app in landscape, they will be matched with an ad that’s also in landscape.


We are compliant with COPPA or the Children’s Online Privacy Policy Act. This restricts how and what can be marketed online to children under the age of 13 and we take it very seriously. This means that we filter ads accordingly to make sure that no unsuitable content is shown to young audiences.

We’ve got the quality

As an appmediation publisher you will get access to a wide selection of exclusive partner networks that want to show ads to your users. We provide mediation for top level advertising campaigns from premium brands with quality content. However, we have the filtering option to further fine-tune the suitability of the ads with the app’s content. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you happen to see any ads that do not match your expectations.

Reporting API for quick access to data

Reporting API for quick access to data

We’ve created an easy way to access the performance data on our dashboard without you even needing to log in. That’s right, we’ve just launched the reporting API to make it even more convenient to retrieve all the information from our dashboard for analysis. The API will let you tap directly into our reporting feature and get all the performance data that you need. This will make assessing the performance of the networks you’ve chosen to partner with even more comfortable.

How to set up the reporting API

It’s really very easy and only just requires two steps. First you need to get the API key from the appmediation dashboard and then use the key in an endpoint URL to fetch the data. That’s basically it, you’re all set.

Available metrics in reporting data

There’s a variety of metrics available in the report to make for a clear and transparent analysis. Here’s what you can fetch via the reporting API:

  • Requests
  • Network requests
  • Impressions served
  • Visible impressions
  • Clicks and earnings

This data can also be grouped and filtered by:

  • date,
  • bundleID,
  • app name,
  • platform,
  • adformat,
  • ad network,
  • country.

To help you set up our reporting API, we’ve put detailed guidelines on our support knowledge base. Just walk through the steps and you’ll set up the reporting API in no time.

How to set up the AdMob Chrome extension for appmediation

How to set up the AdMob Chrome extension for appmediation

We recently mentioned on our blog that we have a Chrome extension for AdMob available. The extension lets you synchronize data from our dashboard with your AdMob account. You can get the extension for free HERE.

We’ve put together a little walk through to help you set up the extension. Trust us, it’s super easy and won’t take long. (Pro tip: you can also scroll directly to the bottom of the post and check out our video tutorial.)

So, basically you start from registering your app on the appmediation platform and setting up your account. To be able to set up the sync, make sure that you’ve chosen AdMob as one of the partner networks you’re looking to work with. Once you’re on the My Apps page on our dashboard, there’ll be an icon asking you to sync with AdMob. From there you’ll be taken to the integration page from where you can download the Chrome extension. Important: make sure that your adblock is switched off, otherwise the sync will not happen.

Now it’ll only be three more steps to having everything up and running. First log in to our dashboard and enable AdMob reporting. Then choose the Google account you wish to use for this synchronisation and log in. This will automatically enable the AdSense API, but just in case we advise you to be patient – it may take a few moments before everything is ready. Make sure you give permission where needed, otherwise the sync will not happen. And now the only thing left is to complete the third step: open the browser extension and click on the sync button.

That’s it! You’re done! And your AdMob Chrome extension for appmediation should now be running smoothly.

Didn’t have time to go to #MWC2018? Don’t worry, here’s a recap!

Didn’t have time to go to #MWC2018? Don’t worry, here’s a recap!

When we say MWC, we are, of course, talking about #MWC2018 aka Mobile World Congress 2018. This year’s event was a bit of a milestone for us. You see, it was the first big industry event we attended and we had the pleasure to exhibit there together with our sister company Adcash.

We had a really great time getting together with everyone who had booked a personal meeting with our team, but also each and every person who just came by our booth or attended our happy hour! (Btw, keep an eye on our website as a future reference, because we’ll be going to more events and you can always book meetings in advance with our team members!)

So what happened at MWC? It was a whirlwind of a week! According to the GSMA official stats, more than 100 000 people attended the event from over 205 countries. We were one among the 2 400 exhibitors! It was great to see such an interest in us – our booth was constantly packed with visitors. We were part of the official Mobile Advertising and Apps Tour with Clemence, our VP of Sales, giving presentations about appmediation. We even received visits from the current European Commission VP for the Digital Single Market and the Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and IT!

A shout out to everyone who came by our booth! We cannot wait to attend more events in the future and meet more people!

Photos taken by our team members and Linda Uldrich, courtesy of Enterprise Estonia.