The GDPR deadline is approaching fast and app developers need to make sure that they are compliant with the new regulations before the 25th May 2018. We’re happy to announce that appmediation and all our demand partners are ready for GDPR.

We understand that user data is important to our developers’ values and operations. That is why we are taking measures to support our partners’ compliance with GDPR. To avoid any future hassle related to the new regulations, follow this article to find out how to collect end-users’ consent and make sure that your app is GDPR compliant.

User Consent

As we mentioned in our updated privacy policy, app developers need to obtain end-users’ consent from EU & EEA users before using our advertising services and it is publishers’ responsibility to collect user consent on personal data collection.

New GDPR Compliant SDK 

To help our publishers to meet the GDPR requirements, we have released our GDPR Compliant Android SDK Version 1.7.0 and iOS SDK Version 1.8.0 that has the ability to collect user consent. In order to make user consent collection easier for our publishers, our latest SDK supports two options:

  • Consent Window
  • Consent Function
Consent Window

We have developed a Consent Window option to make it easier for our publishers to collect end-user consent for appmediation and our demand partners’ advertising services. Each time when you’re required to collect end-user data consent call Consent Window, more information about this function can be found here.

iOS & Android Consent Notice Windows


According to user’s selection on Consent Window, we will show either personalized or non-personalized ads. If the user selects NO then our partners will show non-personalized ads and if they choose to CONFIRM then personalized ads will be shown which can boost up your app revenue.

Consent Function

If you’ve already built a functionality to collect user consent then please just update to the latest Android SDK 1.7.0 and iOS SDK 1.8.0.

In the latest SDK version, we have a functionality to set user consent preferences and it’s highly recommended to set this method before initializing Appmediation SDK otherwise the SDK will initialize with the default “NO” which can lead to non-personalised ads.

Please note that both Consent Function and Consent Window can be used together if needed.


Future Scenarios

  • Can user withdraw their consent?

When EU & EEA user don’t provide consent, we will still show an ad but it will be non-personalized.

  • Can user withdraw their consent?

Yes, the user can change consent at any time and appmediation will pass their updated consent to all demand partners.

  • If app developer/publisher is not collecting user consent and using latest appmediation GDPR compliant SDK?

Then always pass user consent as false for EU & EEA users before the appmediation’s latest SDK initialization.

  • If app developer/publisher is not collecting user consent and using appmediation’s non-GDPR compliant SDKs?

It’s absolutely mandatory to collect user consent for EU & EEA users. If you are using appmediation’s non-GDPR compliant SDK and user consent is not present, then don’t intialize appmediation’s SDK as it’s against data protection regulations.



If you have any further questions about our latest SDK then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve also put together a helpful FAQ section to help you navigate GDPR and explain what it means. However, if you have any additional privacy-related questions, feel free to contact [email protected]