Reporting API for quick access to data

Reporting API for quick access to data

We’ve created an easy way to access the performance data on our dashboard without you even needing to log in. That’s right, we’ve just launched the reporting API to make it even more convenient to retrieve all the information from our dashboard for analysis. The API will let you tap directly into our reporting feature and get all the performance data that you need. This will make assessing the performance of the networks you’ve chosen to partner with even more comfortable.

How to set up the reporting API

It’s really very easy and only just requires two steps. First you need to get the API key from the appmediation dashboard and then use the key in an endpoint URL to fetch the data. That’s basically it, you’re all set.

Available metrics in reporting data

There’s a variety of metrics available in the report to make for a clear and transparent analysis. Here’s what you can fetch via the reporting API:

  • Requests
  • Network requests
  • Impressions served
  • Visible impressions
  • Clicks and earnings

This data can also be grouped and filtered by:

  • date,
  • bundleID,
  • app name,
  • platform,
  • adformat,
  • ad network,
  • country.

To help you set up our reporting API, we’ve put detailed guidelines on our support knowledge base. Just walk through the steps and you’ll set up the reporting API in no time.