Our selection of ad formats provides the best user experience to your audience.

The appmediation audience-centric approach is tailored to ensure the highest user retention with maximized Average Revenue per User.

Rewarded video

Rewarded video is non-disruptive and creates a flexible user experience. Due to the high quality of the content or reward, this format is highly engaging and profitable.


Videos command attention easily and perform well. This format is worthwhile for publishers as it delivers a solid payout.


Interstitials are placed at natural pauses or transitions in an app’s flow (like between levels in a game) to ensure minimal disruption, but maximum gain. They are high performance while blending in with the overall user experience.


This is the most classical and timeless of ad formats – it’s universal, simple and always reliable. Banners have been carefully tailored to work seamlessly with any kind of app without being invasive to users.

Playable ads

This is a new way to promote mobile games as it allows the user to immediately play through a part of the game, focusing heavily on the interactive ad experience. It’s super engaging and a great way to push for more interactions.

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