The smartest app monetization platform.

Unlock your revenue flows with our single SDK!



The smartest app monetization platform.

Unlock your revenue flows with our single SDK!

App Monetization with Appmediation

Think smart when choosing a mediation partner for your app.

With our easy SDK integration you can be sure that you are in full control of the best monetization possibilities with as little effort as possible. The fun part is that there are no separate updates and with just the Appmediation SDK you can immediately start bringing in revenue.

Unified reporting

Multi-dimensional, transparent and fast unified reporting.

Quick setup

Three-step process for registering each app. Control your settings at anytime!

Smart optimization

Our smart real-time optimization technology extracts the highest value out of each and every impression.

Multiformat monetization

All major ad formats supported in the industry.

Simple SDK integration

Easy two-step integration, no separate updates.

High fill rate

Get connected to the best demand partners to ensure 100% inventory fill.

Test environment

Verify your integration anytime with our test environment.

GDPR and COPPA compliant

Our platform ensures full compliance with GDPR and COPPA.

Fast payments

Multiple choice of fast and secure payment methods.

Premium Ad Demand Partners

Ad Formats

You can trust that our formats will always deliver.

We support all the standard industry formats, but we also value the importance of customer experience. Reliability, minimal disruption and high engagement are what we strive for.


  • Follows the app’s natural flow
  • Minimal disruption to UX

Rewarded Video

  • Quality content
  • Highly engaging


  • Attention-grabbing
  • Solid results


  • Universal
  • Proven to be reliable

We support:

What our app publishers say …

My experience with appmediation has been great. It's easy to integrate with their mediation platform and it gives me the chance to choose from many different networks. The personalized support contributes to the best results. They strive for improvement on every version of the SDK, which ensures that what they're offering is always the best they can.

Higor Eduardo  Hevoparmm Corp

The team at appmediation has been incredibly helpful by providing a personal service from customer support to helping with optimization to achieve the highest performance.

Hoang Thanh Son   Tini Studio

Premium service with a dedicated team that personally cares for its publishers and feels like being part of the same team. The mediation works great and the fact you can rely on one point of payment is a great plus for a smaller studio.

David Vignoni  Midnight Tea

It is a very intuitive and easy to use platform, both in the integration of the SDK in the application, and in the visualization of the statistics and the income obtained in the control panel. In addition you get a very high performance to be optimized the platform to choose between all networks and show the ad that offers more performance on each occasion.

Alvaro Moreno Lopez  Make Money Dev

Great support, fast responses.

Eoghan Casey  Impacto BTL

500+ more apps 

Start pushing the limits of app monetization today!

Our SDK drives high performance, powered by industry-leading networks. Our eCPM and fill rates are high across all formats. So what are you still waiting for?