New premium demand partner – Facebook Audience Network

New premium demand partner – Facebook Audience Network

We are constantly looking for new ways to expand our network and we kid you not, exciting things have been happening.

So, what exactly is so thrilling? We’re excited to announce that we have added a new demand source to our growing network of premium demand partners – Facebook Audience Network. Which means that our publishers can now access Facebook’s global advertisers through our platform!

Facebook Audience Network is globally one of the best in-app advertising networks that helps to drive better engagement by delivering high-quality ads that will match the interest of the app audience without interrupting the user experience. For our publishers, it means more monetization opportunities with higher fill rate and revenue.

“The in-app advertising industry is growing day by day and Appmediation’s primary focus is to have publishers first mediation platform. We are happy to announce that after launching the Facebook integration we are now covering 90% of the global demand. In the past few months, we have significantly improved our machine learning algorithm to do the parallel bidding and deliver the best performance results to our app developers.”


Sushant Patil, Managing Director at Appmediation

How to integrate Facebook Audience Network with Appmediation


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App registration

number 2

Monetization Manager setup

number 3

Placement creation

number 4

Reporting token

The integration process is super easy and more detailed information about the process can be found here.
It’s important to note that the Facebook integration requires the app to be updated to the latest SDK version!


Any Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Facebook Audience Network or how to integrate it with Appmediation.

Also, if you’re looking for a monetization partner then we’d love to hear from you. We’re here to help you to boost your app revenue.

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