We recently mentioned on our blog that we have a Chrome extension for AdMob available. The extension lets you synchronize data from our dashboard with your AdMob account. You can get the extension for free HERE.

We’ve put together a little walk through to help you set up the extension. Trust us, it’s super easy and won’t take long. (Pro tip: you can also scroll directly to the bottom of the post and check out our video tutorial.)

So, basically you start from registering your app on the appmediation platform and setting up your account. To be able to set up the sync, make sure that you’ve chosen AdMob as one of the partner networks you’re looking to work with. Once you’re on the My Apps page on our dashboard, there’ll be an icon asking you to sync with AdMob. From there you’ll be taken to the integration page from where you can download the Chrome extension. Important: make sure that your adblock is switched off, otherwise the sync will not happen.

Now it’ll only be three more steps to having everything up and running. First log in to our dashboard and enable AdMob reporting. Then choose the Google account you wish to use for this synchronisation and log in. This will automatically enable the AdSense API, but just in case we advise you to be patient – it may take a few moments before everything is ready. Make sure you give permission where needed, otherwise the sync will not happen. And now the only thing left is to complete the third step: open the browser extension and click on the sync button.

That’s it! You’re done! And your AdMob Chrome extension for appmediation should now be running smoothly.