Our partner networks and the inventory we work with

Our partner networks and the inventory we work with

We’ve been working hard and making deals to expand our network of demand partners. Of course, we aim to connect our app publishers with as many major and premium partners as we can possibly find. That’s an ongoing process – we simply never rest!

Efficiency in transparency

We’re not shy about who we work with. Quite the opposite, in fact. Our top quality demand network is the result of dedicated effort. We openly disclose all our demand partners on our website and, naturally, notify every time we have added a new batch. But that’s not all. Our publishers can see all the partners and how they are bidding on the reporting level as well. This kind of transparency means that our publishers can choose who they work with and essentially have a higher chance to earn more as well.

Our partners

So, who do we work with exactly? Feast your eyes on the latest list of the demand networks that we work with:

  • Facebook Audience Network
  • AdMob*
  • AdColony
  • Applovin
  • Tapjoy
  • Vungle
  • Chartboost
  • Unity ads
  • Inmobi
  • Mintegral
  • Ogury
  • StartApp
  • myTarget

*We even have a shiny new Chrome extension in place for synchronizing AdMob applications with appmediation.

As you can see, we have established ourselves well in the American, European and Middle Eastern markets. We are currently also putting a serious focus into building relationships with Asian and Russian players. According to our Managing Director Sushant Patil, the appmediation direction is to clearly strive for full world-wide coverage: “Our team is constantly working on striking deals with new and diverse demand partners to build a truly international network. At the same time we are also continuously onboarding app publishers with very different products and inventory.”

Diversity of demand

When we speak of diversity we don’t only mean geographical reach. We’re also talking about different types of content with very specific audiences. While have demand from networks with diverse advertising needs, we also work with all kinds of apps. We are COPPA compliant and we also employ the mature filter, which means that we honour all app attributes.

We’ve mentioned numerous times by now that we are hungry for accomplishments and not ones to take it easy. So it’s not really too surprising that we’re also working on some major technical developments. Stay tuned because we’ll be launching our news soon and we want you to be the first to find out!

Ad viewability metrics on our dashboard

Ad viewability metrics on our dashboard

We’ve all heard the saying that there’s strength in numbers. We at appmediation have decided to give that statement a bit of a facelift – we believe that there is strength in data. And in order to empower our publishers and give them all the data they need, we’ve recently added a new statistic dimension to the appmediation publisher dashboard. Some of our more eagle-eyed users may have already noticed this feature – there is now information about view rate percentage on our dashboard as well.

This update is all about giving our publishers an even more deeper level of statistics and metrics to analyze. That’s one of the unique things about the appmediation dashboard – our publishers have clear and easy access to all the important information they might need directly on the platform itself.

What is view rate?

In short, the view rate percentage shows the proportion between the times an ad is being engaged with and the times it has been served. The formula is very simple – it is literally the number of views or engagements divided by the number of times the ad is served. Essentially the view rate percentage can give some very important information about the ads themselves. For example, how effective is the content, is the placement of ads logical or can they be served within context where they could attract a higher engagement.

The appmediation metrics dashboard

The dashboard is incredibly easy to navigate, which means that all metrics-related information is very conveniently accessible and clear. The dashboard itself contains an overview of other metrics as well. It also shows you the number of impressions, fill rate percentage, clicks, the click-through rate, revenue and eCPM.

All the information on the dashboard is also downloadable with just one click, should you wish to keep this data in your own record for longevity or further analysis.

This new statistical information on the dashboard is related to our recent SDK updates. We have updated the Android SDK to version 1.2.0 and iOS SDK to version 1.4.0.

We at appmediation believe in being transparent and open with our publishers. That’s why we invest time and effort into keeping our dashboard updated with the most relevant dimensions in metrics. If you’re an app publisher and not already signed up with us – wait no more!

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What is mediation and why should app developers care?

What is mediation and why should app developers care?

Let’s start with the importance of mobile advertising in general. By now it’s pretty clear how much of the users’ lives really happen on the mobile. We have countless ways to consume products and information and make transactions. AdWeek recently published an article stating that “mobile is not a channel, but a lifestyle”. We couldn’t agree more. It’s not really a surprise then that mobile advertising is also reaching new heights and tapping into new avenues. After all, the prognosis is that mobile advertising will account for 72% of all ad spend by 2019.

How do you as an app developer fit into this puzzle? You have an app and you start looking into possible ways to generate more revenue. Of course, at the same time you also want to ensure a high quality product for your users with minimal disruption to their user experience. A good solution is to find a mediation partner that best suits your needs.

So what is mediation? To put it simply, it’s a way for app developers to harness the money-making power of their inventory. By joining a mediation platform and integrating the service’s SDK, you allow a number of networks to compete at the same time for the chance to display different ads to the users of your app.

Now, why choose appmediation as your mediation partner? Our SDK and mediation platform are designed based on extensive experience in the industry – we have a pretty good idea of what works and how to create a service that is an especially good fit for app developers.

Our SDK is super lightweight and it can be easily integrated – you just set everything up once and there’s no need for separate updates or any kind of additional management. This single easy SDK opens up a wide network of demand partners that will compete for your inventory in real time. A single SDK means that your app’s performance is in no way held back by your mediation partner – with us you’re completely safe from SDK bloat. At the same time you have access to a wide network of demand partners that have need for different types of inventory – our demand network already has some well-established players in the advertising industry, but we are also constantly growing. A wide demand combined with precise targeting means that your traffic will only be seeing the most relevant ads, which is the perfect way to truly maximise your fill rate.

The appmediation smart dashboard gives our publishers full control over their inventory – you decide which ad formats and when your users see. We believe in engaging and uninterrupted user experience, which is why our publishers have this unique feature – you choose which formats are displayed to best suit the app’s flow. Our platform is also fully transparent, we have a unified reporting tool to make sure you can keep track of every detail.

Let’s quickly talk about smart optimization as well! Our platform relies on smart real-time optimization technology. This is a feature specifically designed to boost your earnings. What it does is make sure that each and every impression is sent only to the highest bidder!

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with whatever’s on your mind, drop us a line here.


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Go with the smartest mediation platform!

Go with the smartest mediation platform!

Maximized revenue through one simple SDK

Look no further – here is your new smart partner for all things related to monetizing your app inventory. We have it all: the best performing formats in the industry, a smart platform based on advanced technology and a diverse and growing demand network. All this is packed into one simple SDK that’s super easy to integrate and requires no further updates or continuous attention. Just download it, integrate it and BOOM! Sit back, relax and watch your revenue come in. Or you can also make adjustments yourself as you see fit: we are a smart mediation platform, which means that our users can either rely on our automatic technology or fully control all the settings themselves. The choice is yours.


Why appmediation?

So why choose us out of all the other app monetization service partners? Our platform is brought to you by people from the Webinfluence Group, which means that we can draw from years and years of experience in the industry when designing our services. Our mediation is intelligent and relies on advanced technology that ensures each and every impression is sent only to the highest bidder. We are completely transparent and with us app publishers can be sure that they are always in full control over their inventory. We believe that the key in this business is to maintain reliability, minimal disruption and high engagement.


What are some of the special features the appmediation platform offers?

Our platform is superior in every way. With us you can take advantage of some of the best features in the market such as smart optimization technology, an easy to navigate dashboard with transparent unified reporting and full control for the publisher. We also have a test environment for testing all the ad formats before going live with everything. We have an established wide network of demand partners that is constantly growing and we’re not afraid to say that we can guarantee a high fill rate. Also note that we are COPPA compliant, which means that we truly have demand across all types of audiences.


What’s so special about the appmediation SDK?

Our SDK is lightweight, yet delivers a high performance. We have all the best features that an SDK could possibly have wrapped into one perfect package. Just download and integrate the SDK and you will start bringing in revenue with minimal effort. And when we say minimal effort, we really mean it – our SDK integration just takes 2 lines of code!

Getting started is really easy with us, just create an account and our compliance team will validate your app. What comes next is just smooth sailing – download and integrate our SDK for your preferred framework and you’re pretty much all set to start making money with us. The best things in life really are that simple.

If you run into any issues along the way, you can refer to our FAQ or contact our team directly – we are always happy to help out, whatever the question.

Your inventory will be safe in our hands and you can always be sure we’ll deliver the highest value for it. Just sign up and let us do all the work for you while you can focus on developing your next app!