Update: SDK 2.0 is now available

Update: SDK 2.0 is now available

We are glad to announce that our SDK 2.0 version is now live! The team has worked hard on the new version to create something new and better for the app developers. After carefully evaluating what we wish to update, we are now also offering solutions that our clients have asked for. The goal behind this new single light-weight SDK version is to make app monetization even easier!

The update is available for iOS, Android and Unity. It is important to keep in mind that the updates are slightly different for all three operating systems.

Good news for all publishers! We have just integrated with Baidu, which means that our publishers now have exclusive access to the Chinese market making our platform’s coverage even wider. Another new partner network is IronSource – a firm that probably needs no introduction as it is one of the biggest networks in the world.


iOS updates

The new SDK version for iOS has the biggest amount of changes. Firstly, the network adaptor has been customized, so the integration is now much easier and time-saving, especially when the publishers might be working with other Appmediation partners. It allows to combine the networks in a simpler way. We also have a manual and automatic Cocoapods support, so the publishers can choose to use that tool for library installation if they feel like it’s more comfortable.

There are two major internal SDK performance improvements for iOS. Firstly, the publishers don’t need to manually link the libraries anymore, we have removed the manual work via Module Maps. SWIFT integration has made the Appmediation seamless while saving time and having higher internal performance, which means less coding – yay! There’s also been an improvement for the initialization controls, offering explicit support inside the code, making it possible to choose ad formats and networks and is highly customizable and configurable. This update solves the inconsistency between dashboard reporting and user expectation. It was requested by our customers and is now available!

Now the iOS publishers can check the full integration just by writing a single line with our freshly launched automatic integration testing function. It will analyze whether everything (networks, libraries, etc) is working from the integration point of view. This update was created to make the testing process easier and save the publishers’ time. It shows information about each network SDK level, each network adaptor level, and the network adaptor and library compatibility.


Android updates

Internal SDK performance improvements for Android are a little different. Our developers have made big changes to make the boot-up faster which offers a better ad experience for the user since the app will open up faster. In addition, we now have parallel initialization for all of the partner networks and we’ve improved the initialization controls by offering explicit support for ad formats.

The new SDK for Android has added an extra function for better visibility and integration. Those functions check whether the ad is shown or not, so the publisher can check the current situation and, if needed, take action to solve those issues. Since 90% of the issues a publisher might have are related to integration, a new integration testing function was created to solve these problems. It analyzes and shows information about each network SDK level, each network adaptor level, network adaptor and library compatibility, and general configuration – permissions, manifest file and automatic dependency check.

The Android documentation section has moved from our website to a more developer-friendly space here. The new documentation site offers better user experience, makes integration faster and clearer.


Unity updates

In regards of Unity, the new update gives access to the newly integrated demand networks, Baidu and IronSource and providing even better coverage for the users through that.


This SDK 2.0 update was done to provide a better service for all of our users, nevertheless the OS that they’re using. Appmediation always tries to take the clients’ ideas and feedback into account to create as user-friendly and efficient service as possible.


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